I Am Straddie Arts Trail

I AM Straddie Arts Trail Winter 2022

Our beautiful island home will be a focal point for a week-long celebration of community arts, lifestyle and creativity through the I Am Straddie Arts Trail.

Enjoy some of the diverse arts talents that have been inspired by this place we love from 15th to 21st August 2022.

It is my honour and pleasure to tell the story of Straddie’s local artists through my lens. Bringing together over 40 artists from across the island, the I Am Straddie Arts Trail will feature a diverse range of talents and artists.

Get to know them, up close and personal, as they share their workspaces and work processes visually. Discover their wide range of mastered mediums from design, ceramics, water colours and so much more, all from this bustling island hub!

I will also be doing workshops and if you are interested, come and join us!

Find out more about the Arts Trail at  or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


I AM Straddie Makers & Artists

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